Valuation Services

Valuation Services

PDG has a unique position in the world of valuation services, because of our ability to combine indepth local market knowledge with a longstanding international experience.

We act on behalf of lenders, occupiers, owners and investors for either of the following purposes:

  • Secured lending
  • Acquisition & disposal
  • Accounting

Our valuations are based on three well-known, internationally accepted techniques:

  • Capitalization of income
  • Discounted cash flow
  • Comparable transactions

We have more than 30 years of experience in the valuation of the following properties:

  • Offices
  • Industrial & logistic properties
  • Retail
  • Elderly homes
  • Hotels & leisure parks
  • Residential projects

We believe that meaningful valuations need to be soundly based on the fullest possible exposure to the marketplace itself.
Through our market research and in combination with our other real esate services, we are fully up to date with prevailing market conditions.

Our other Services:


Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

Starting a new project or acquiring real estate requires a detailed feasibility study, which will help to identify risks and provide solutions to secure your intrests.
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Strategic Advice

Strategic advice comes into play every time you need an independent view on important real estate investments with a long term impact.
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We provide training for real estate graduates as well as more experienced professionals, looking to acquire a more indepth knowledge of the commercial real estate market and property valuation.
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